Wednesday, November 14, 2007


(As posted at my own site.. let me share it here..)

I feel lazy in doing my paid opps, I have a few left and its nearing deadline. It’s not that I’m complaining though, I thank God for the opps even if my PR is now down to 1. I guess, i’m not in the mood lang. That’s it..

I am actually overwhelmed with the amount of money I have for now, considering I only started last September 7 of this year. Would you believe that I can now buy Gelo the wallet that I am longing to buy for him. I still have a few left in my account. I thank heavens for paid blogging, who wouldn’t?.. but this morning, I had a few realizations.

* I am now a slave of blogging and the internet. Far more than anything else, my first role is to be a mom to my Joaquin. I am not neglecting him at all. But I do admit that there were times that I just switch on Barney and Blue to make him busy or load him up with stuff so I can have my time in front of the computer. I’m too lucky coz my son plays in his own world. It’s not everyday though, but I feel sad thinking about that. Before, I already started potty training him.. but it stopped for a while when i started dooing opps. Bad Mommy! Recently, I have seen Joaqui’s developing reaaaallly fast. So I need to keep up with him. Starting tomorrow, I will only allocate time for checking opps.. And for finishing it too. I need to spend time teaching him numbers and the alphabet. I am so proud of my son, his memory retention and visual recognition of things is one thing that he is advanced than other kids of his age. He speaks clearly at 1 year and 7 months. And Yes, I am so damn proud for that! And I need to nourish the gift (sabi nga ng Promil), and now is the best time.

* I became uncontented. At first, I just wanted to try paid blogging for extra money. But after earning a lot from my Blogger Accoount, I wanted more. So i had my own domain .. Don’t get me wrong, I love my new site, coz I can clearly say anything I want. So I am thinking of keeping this up for myself , for my stories.. my photos, just about anything in my life. Currently , I am contented with my blogspot earnings. It’s not bad after all. Again, my daily life should still be for my son and my husband.

Last Sunday, I saw other mommies who are into blogging, and I felt really happy seeing them. I found friends from here, so there is no way that I am discontinuing my blogs. I just need to re focus myself on what I’m really intended to do. I would still do paid opps at my blogger , of course, but I have to know my limitations when it comes to time management. I need money for my simple pleasures, but my son needs me more. My family would forever be the first at all times.

This afternoon , Gelo opened a bank account at BDO, and he was asked to fill up information about his wife. So the usuals were the same.. Name, Address, birthday, etc.. etc.. Then there’s a blank space that asks for my occupation.. and the daddy wrote.. BLOGGER. I was actually bursting into laughter when he told me that story, but it hit me. I may blog, but my occupation is not a BLOGGER , I AM A MOTHER.

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