Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am a Fan

Would you believe that I went crazy with a local teenage group when I was in high school? I would still remember the time when I was grounded because I almost had a failing mark at one of my quarter exams. My mom had to take away all of my magazine collections, pictures, and anything connected with the local teenage group. Now, I wanted to laugh out loud as I remember my fascination with them. Oh, high school days. A simple Signed Photo can really make me sleepless. That could even make me ecstatic for days. I also remember one time, when one of my friend went to a TV station and watch the group who then guested on a popular show. She was able to get autographs of our favorite group members which made me envy her that time. It was a personal dedication by the way. So imagine how I felt then.

After the said group, I really didn't bacame a big fan of someone at all. I may like the artist or singer, but not the point that I go gaga over them. I watch different movies and listen to different types of music, but I'm not particularly into somebody at all. Last night,I was looking over the internet for something to buy for my sister. It will be her birthday on the 18th and I'm thinking of a unique gift for her. I know that she idolizes Drew Barrymore, and she has seen most of Drew's movies. She even know the soundtrack of her movies, would you believe? So I saw this really nice signed photograph of Drew Barrymore when she appeared at the movie E.T. It is fairly priced, I should say, for something precious as this. Imagine Drew in her younger years. My sister will be delighted to receive this at their doorstep , I know. I just have one wish though.. a personal autograph of Drew Barrymore,of course, dedicated to my sister.

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