Thursday, November 15, 2007

oh no..

I can feel it.. the rashes appearing to Joaquin since last week could be skin asthma. I really can't describe the appearance, all i know is that the texture is rough. Last week, I never failed to apply his Aveeno lotion all over his legs everytme i would clean him up. As in every diaper change, I need to re apply. It was effective because it made the skin hydrated. The rough part was gone and there were no traces at all. So the proud mommy told daddy that there's nothing else to worry about. But deep inside , I am having a feeling that it could be asthma of the skin because I have 3 nieces (daughters of my cousins) who has the same condition. My cousins would tell me their stories on when the rashes becomes active or what triggers the occurence. Wow! Lahat na talaga namana ni Joaqui from my family. Tsskk.. Last Sunday, since we were out the whole day (and I don't have the lotion with me), it became active again! So until today, Iam doing my Aveeno ritual. And now it is getting better again. I have observed that most would appear on his skin folds.. which is really a manifestation of skin asthma!

And that's not all.. After bombarding Joaqui with Vitamin C twice a day for a few weeks now, I was grateful that he is at the peak of his health. Would you believe it's been 1 and a half months since we saw his pedia? Yeah, the last one was his follw up check up after his confinement last Sept. 25. Today, we woke up with a bed weather.. haay sarap gumising.. only to find out that Joaquin and I have colds! Talk about the great change in weather this morning.. Ggrrr!

Anyway, he is asleep now,so you know.. this is my only time to blog :)

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