Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Obesity and Surgery

I feel lucky on having this type of body frame. Though I eat a lot, I never really went bloated or fat. My post pregnancy weight is all gone now, I hope so. LOL. But still, comparing myself to other moms, I am still lucky. Last week I was able to wear my old jeans, my favorite pair before I even got pregnant, so imagine how I feel. Giddy Happy.

Last night, I had a chat with my dear friend who lives in Chicago. I asked her why she was gone from he internet for quite a while. I thought something bad happened already. But I was shocked to hear that she underwent a bariatric surgery. She narrated to mer her story and how she carefully decided to have one. It wasn't that hard actually. She started with a Free seminar wherein everything was explained. The company's expertise in such field, the surgeons, nurses and all the people who will work with you were all there. She said that at that instance , she felt that she's in good hands. The whole surgery wasn't bad at all. She just needed more time to reover after. Before out chat ended, I asked her to send me her new pic after the surgery, and she's so willing to do so. I am excited for her. I can feel how she regain her confidence after the surgery. I just wish her a speedy recovery so I can see a new lady in her. Can't wait.

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