Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Ricca

Yesterday was technically her Birthday, but at US Pacific time, it is still Nov. 18.. :)

Dear Sister,

Saying that we are so thankful to you is already an understatement. From my stuff, to Gelo's stuff and more importantly, for everything you provided for Joaquin. And it's not just because of the materials things that I a'm grateful of. You are such a sweetie , You never forget our family and most importantly you are such a giver. God is rewarding you always because you share whatever you have. I can imagine how hard it is for you to send Nhowel to college and give him allowance too. But I think you earn a lot huh!? Kasi you still shop :) As in SHOP! You know what? We are so proud of you! really !! A few people of your age ( 25 right?) can do such a thing. Hindi biro ang mag paaral sa college, but you manage to squeeze it in. You share with your house expenses there, and you never fail to shop for us! LOL! Kung ako yan, baka gumagapang na ko sa hirap:)

It's time for you to think of yourself too. We all can't wait for May 2008. We miss you terribly already. I know that seeing each other thru the webcam every single day is nothing as compared to holding you :) Take care and I know that God is blessing you all the time :) We love you!!! Kisses from joaquin!

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