Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A new car for us?

We are actually thinking of getting one a bit bigger than the hatchback that we are using now. But whatever happens, I'm not letting go of our Chevy, it's our first investment as a couple. We are just planning to get a Honda CRV to accomodate more whenever we go out. I am browsing some Honda Cars over the internet thinking that I may get to consider other models that they have. But Gelo is decided in getting a CRV. We also compared Honda Car prices with some other car manufacturers. And I should say that the price offered is very competitive at all. I never thought that they would offer discounts and freebies with a new purchase. We were able to get two Honda Car Quotes for comparison purposes. The monthly amortization would actually depend on our initial cash downpayment. I feel excited to get a new car for our family, but the decision would still be with Gelo, as he is the one working in this household. I mean, money would come from him of course. So let's see. Maybe soon, the picture of our new car will be posted here.

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