Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my 3 things

literally 3 things i can't let go of (for now..)

1. computer with internet connection - i use it to chat with my family and of course.. paid blogging :) I would go crazy without it.. believe me :)

2. our canon 400d - i just love taking photographs. now that joaquin is growing fast, i need to preserve every moment in a photograph..

3. my paypal money - it feels great to earn my own money after a few years of being a bummer , LOL! Thanksgiving is fast approaching, me and my sister are gearing up for it.. and yes.. my paypal money is tied up with a debit card at my US account.. yeeha! go go go na naman sa shopping!

Thanks Jane for this tag.. Fell free to grab this from me if you need any fillers for your paid opps :)

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