Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mommy and her big clapping ears!

A few weeks back, I was so down with colds but still managed to attend Joaqui's class at the gym. But before we even left for the gym, I asked Gelo a favor. Since I have the virus and I dont want to spread it with the other kids in the air conditoned room at the gym, he might as well be with Joaqui the entire class. Quite a big deal, because I always join Joaqui at class, as in ako lang, so seldom that Gelo would enter the gym. He's always the observer / photographer. But that Sunday, he was with the little boy the entire time.

The gym area is surrounded with Glass windows for viewing and I was looking at my 2 boys the entire time. Baka mapilayan ni Gelo si Joaqui since he doesn't have any idea on how to properly spot Joaquin with the skills (though the teacher is always there to assist). There were two other mommies at my left, a few steps away, observing the class too. Their kiddos are classmates of Joaqui. My big ears heard their conversation.. Syempre super listen ako.. why? They are talking about my SON ! ! !

** Situation at the gym : Teacher Clara performing a skill with Joaqui.

Mommy 1 : Ano ba ulit name nyan? (referring to Joaqui )

Mommy 2 : Ahh. Si Joaquin

Mommy 1: Mabait yan no.. and he listens to Teacher Clara.. he follows instructions, nakakatuwa.

Mommy 2: Oo nga, lagi nga sya kinukuha ni Teacher na assistant pag may skill. Favoriteni Teacher Clara yan eh.

A few minutes later, Mommy 1 approached me for a little chit chat. And there she said to me, how he finds Joaqui “mabait” ( yeah , I wanted to use the Tagalog word) and how my little boy enjoys the gym. She even commented, “Iba ang kilos pag matagal na sa gym, halata eh “ .. she is referring to Joaqui inside the class, with his classmates, teacher, and the skills. So the proud mommy said “Yes , 2 quarters na kmi dito, at first he was hesitant with teacher. But now, ok na ok sila. Though once a week lang yung class, may effect talaga, in the long run you’ll see it with your child din :) ”.

Oh my ! Literally palakpak tenga ko! Words didn’t came from my mouth at all. Other mommies were saying how behaved my son is.. and how he is attentive with teacher. Can’t be any proud. I was all smiles while sharing this to Gelo last time. And still I am until now.. Big big smile talaga!

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