Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Barney concert with no pics?

Is it true that we can't bring any camera at the concert? Goodness. I was talking to a customer agent from Ticketnet and she informed me that only cellphones with cameras are allowed at the big dome. Oh my! My cellphone is old school, there is no way I can get a good picture of Barney and his friends, not even a decent picture for us. We don't have plans of bringing our DSLR, i simply don't wanna risk, I can't leave it in baggage counters, no way. So I'm left with the option of bringing a digital camera. But I don't have one anymore, so I searched at the web to find a nice one. These digital cameras caught my attention.The colors are so me! Oh, I do wish that they will allow viewers to use point and shoot cameras. Pretty please!

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