Friday, November 09, 2007

Everybody cares

Growing old alone is something I'm really afraid of, and it's nice to know that I have my family who will take care of me until my last breath. When my mom and my dad visited us last April, they never fail to tell us stories about the old ones in their area. Since most of the people there are busy with work and everyday llife, elderly people are sent to a care home. Each caring program is different from another. You need to find a specifc program for the elder. They have different needs and wants as a person. My mom informed me that some families visit their parents or grandparents on a weekly basis. But to my dismay, some would even forget about them. It is good that here is a place like home care establishments. They value each and every elder in the place, they treat each other as a family, and most of all, they provide the most outstanding care for their clients. Elders needs to be loved especially in this time of their lives. The institution even provides them with different activities everyday, some are for physical development, while some focuses on the emotional and spiritual part. Now there's no reason to be sad when you grow old. Some people are out there, ready to take care of you.

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