Friday, November 09, 2007


The daddy bought Joaquin the Gazillion Bubble machine from SM tonight. Little boy is sooo crazy with bubbles that even at Little Gym, he would shout "bubbles!" everytime he would see the bottle though it's not bubbles time yet. He enjoys the "bubbles on your tummy" time. Naawa na din si Gelo sa kakaihip ko, nakaka ngawit pala ah! So before going to bed, we gave it a try! Whoa! I never thought that simple machine could create such number of bubbles! Joaquib was jumping all along! Walang paglayan talaga ang happiness sa katawan nya ha! And goodness, our room was filled with bubbles! I'm too clever, the machine is near the aircon, parang nalunod kami sa bubbles! Wee!! enjoy!

Il take a pic next time :) I'm really not in the mood today. Parang nonsense nga yung mga paid posts ko, deadline na kasi, wala na ko maisip:)

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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