Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Handle Tantrums

Young kids are incredibly lovely and sweet but everything is not perfect. Even if you claim to have the most behaved child, they too will have their bad days. Tantrums are a way for kids especially toddlers to express their emotions. This can be manifested in different forms such as screaming and non stop crying while there are some kids who experience severe tantrum episodes to the point of throwing toys and biting. 

As a parent, how do you handle this type of behavior? It is very important to understand the reason behind the tantrums. Is it out of frustration? You might be surprised that some kids would throw a fit simply because they are hungry. In the case of toddlers, they can't very well communicate their thoughts and emotions and one way that they can express themselves or get the attention of their parents is by having tantrums. 

Understand your child's behavior. There are some cases that you might give in to their request in order for them to stop crying but this should not always be the case. Explain to them why you can't always give in to their every request and if punishment is needed make sure that they understand the reason why they had to receive it. 

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