Friday, September 30, 2011

Be Prepared

Just this week, another strong typhoon hit our country and so many places were left affected. Power was cut in our area around 10 am and we had electricity back at 10pm! Thank God I am prepared for this kind of situation after experiencing one a few years ago. I have some canned goods, rechargeable fan and light, emergency bag , extra batteries etc. It is always best to be prepared for this kind of situation especially when you have kids. I made sure that our emergency bag has some food for them and their milk as well. In any case that we need to leave our house, I can provide them with food. These typhoon experiences are getting traumatic. I also have this paranoid feeling when strong winds and rain hit our place. I experienced flooding inside our house , and I surely wouldn't want to experience it again. Let's all be prepared. I heard there's another typhoon this weekend.

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