Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Application Software

My friend emailed me the other day & he asked me to check out some software that he is actively using. He then asked me to download or try some of that software. As I run into it, it was indeed some cool software. These are my chosen software to download:

1) Ares

· Have you tried to file share? File sharing nowadays is very much rampant. You can file share almost anything & everything from videos, pictures, MP3’s and many more. We have so many software for this kind of activity, but the most used is the Ares Downloader. This program never contains viruses, spyware or even malwares.

2) Audacity

· This software is used if you want to rip or remove a vocal from a song or Mp3. Actually; this is just a part of its various features. They even have a video tutorial on how to achieve this.

3) BS player

· Do you want a part of your favorite movie to be your desktop background? If yes, then download this BS player software. In which you can have a walkthrough on how can you use your favorite part of the movie as your desktop background.

4) Cabos

· This is a lightweight alternative for Limewire. This is also a software used for file sharing.

5) Blender

· Want a free 3d graphics application? Then Blender software is the one. It can be used for modeling, UV unwrapping , animating, and creating interactive 3D application including visual effects, video games or animated films. They even have an online video tutorial.

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