Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Briday Jewelry : radiance in jewels

In 5 weeks time, my cousin is arriving here for her much awaited wedding. Almost everything is set already like the church, hotel, gowns and program. There are only small things that needs to be done by herself alone like fitting her gown, buying shoes and getting herself a lovely set of Bridal Jewelry . She went through some magazines already and some online sites and she has some preferences with the style and design. Of course, she just needs something to accessorize her look and not completely cover her up. These jewels exudes radiance and beauty too, but we all know that brides has this certain glow in them on the day of their wedding, that is why she goes for the simple designs. I am excited with her gown and shoes too, you can tell that I am because I will join her for her fitting schedule .

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