Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zyflamend and other vitamin supplements

Our health should always be our top priority, in everything that we do. My husband would alwaystell me about this because he knows that I am not regularly taking my vitamins. Since I have a busy schedule at work and at home, I need all the energy to last the whole day. I also need to be sure that all the vitamins and minerals in my body will be replenished to maintain my healthy and fit life. But I guess If I will continue to skip me vitamins, then I am far from being healthy. Just last month , I felt dizzy at most times and that was because I lack Iron. My muscles also feel weak so I was given Zyflamend as my medicine. It promotes normal cell growth and aids in joint pains and inflammations. It was at 30%off , lucky me I was able to save again. In line with the medicine talk, my husband is now taking Jarrow as a supplement. It is Acetyl L – Carnitine and Carnitine is an important co- factor for energy production from fats. We usually hear it form people who are trying to lose weight. This product is a powder that you will mix up with your liquids. I am glad that these are on sale, I was able get the Garden of Life too for my parents.

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