Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Home plans and more

I believe that the right time will come when me and my family will have our dream home. Every year, I always ask myself, "Is this the right time?". But you know, when you have two kids already, finances require that you set priorities. I want to wait to get a place of our own when I know that we will not have a hard time making the monthly payments. I know, that time will come. But meanwhile I will spend some time looking at some house plans. Actually, I like going through the pictures and designs because it gets me inspired. I imagine myself living in those houses. My husband and I are not decided yet in the overall theme of our dream home, he just said he want it simple, in colors, design and layout, so I guess he's into a Zen-like feeling. There's a lot of great professionally designed home plans on the internet at "" HDA,Inc. Whatever you have in mind, they will have a house plan for you, in fact they have thousands of plans. Some of the interesting ones for me are Log House Plans, English cottage or Country Designs. I like a comfortable style of house that isn't too fancy or ornate, so I guess I am like the husband in that.

I know I have lots of time to decide, but I want to make sure when we are ready, I have the found the perfect house plan. We have already started to save, just a little bit each month, and little bits will eventually add up to a lot.

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