Monday, August 02, 2010

Blood pressure monitors

Ever since my mom and my dad were diagnosed with hypertension many years ago, they have been doing their regular check up and they are taking some maintenance medicines. It is quite a difficult condition because it can lead to major heart problems in the future. I am thankful that they have a health card now because their regular check up is covered. A part of their medicines can also be reimbursed which gives us extra savings. With these savings , they bought blood pressure monitors. Whenever they are feeling a little dizzy or not feeling too well, they will just check their blood pressure to se if everything is normal, if not, they would drink their medicine and rest. My mom even got blood pressure cuffs as a gift for herself last year. This time she wanted to get an Auto Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor that is battery operated. It is perfect for traveling and for her short trips during the weekend. Since hypertension is present already, the only way to deal with it is to prevent the attack by having a healthy lifestyle and eating what is right. It is not easy as it may seem, but as what they always say, discipline is the key.

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