Monday, August 02, 2010

Beauty products for the whole family

Shopping for make-up is one thing I will never get tired of. It seems that every month , a new product is launched in the market. May it be a new shade of lipstick, or a new mascara , or a new line in well-known brand. Everything continues to evolve and develop and I am loving it. Putting a make-up is not exactly my forte, but I enjoy experimenting with myself so I enjoy buying products. I also like to give it as gifts to family members and friends on special occasions. Like for my mom , I would always go through the Estee Lauder products because it’s her favorite brand. She has her specific shade for the lipstick and even a favorite scent from Estee Lauder. You can really tell she’s a fan. For my sisters , I usually get them Bobbie brown makeup
, the blush on is their favorite and the lipsticks too. I love it when they give away some small testers with your purchase. Clinique products are also on my list for my friends . I can attest to their make-up because I’ve been using it too for quite a while. I have my personal favorites too but I always look around the beauty area to find out what is new and what othebr brands offer. To compare is the key and see what suits you best.

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