Monday, June 07, 2010

Cigars and more

In the past years, cigars have been associated with the sophisticated persona. It has been an accessory of the rich and famous in the early years. Many people still use cigars nowadays and they are even collecting some great pieces. But did you know that there are cheap cigars available online. Yes, I found out about this when I was looking for gifts to my superior at work. I don't have any knowledge with cigars before so I had quite a hard time looking for the perfect gift. My husband initially suggested me to get Padron cigars , but I was informed that the last available pack at the store was bought a few hours before I arrived. Luckily, there were cheap ones with great quality. Of course , A cigar user has accessories that comes with their cigars. A humidor is a well-known accessory that is used for storage. It comes in different designs and sizes. The cigar humidifier has constant humidity that is used to keep fresh the cigars. Big stores usually have a floor occupied for cigar humidor, while there are also personal humidors that are also available and can be perfect as gift. It is good to know that there’s some store which sells these items at a cheaper price.

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