Friday, May 14, 2010

no to eczema

Last year, we discovered that my son has an allergic reaction with fishes. He loves eating fish even before, so I find it weird that it is only lately that he developed the allergies. At first we thought it was eczema. His face has swollen red patches, tha I truly feel sad seeing him that way . We went to the hospital's emergency room to treat him right away as I fear that he will have a hard time to breath with the allregies. He was given a few medicines then , but after a while the allergies came back. That was the time that we consulted a pediatric - allergologist. A skin test was performed, and there, he's allergic to fish. I am grateful he doesn't have eczema. He just needs to stay away from eating fish for now. Hopefully he can outgrow this allergy.

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