Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coverage of an Automotive Insurance

An automotive insurance does not only cover road collisions (collision coverage), but also covers other events involving the vehicle of the insured, such as theft, weather, fire, vandalism etc. This kind of coverage is called comprehensive coverage. Both types of coverage are subject to a deductible, which is the amount you will have to pay in case of an accident, despite holding an insurance policy that covers that accident.

Roadside Assistance Coverage

Alternatively known as vehicle towing coverage, this type of coverage takes care of non-accident related tows such those resulting from vehicle breakdown, flat tire or gas leak. This is a new policy of insurance companies. Earlier they used to cover tows related to accidents only.

Personal Items
Insurance policies usually do not cover personal items damaged in accidents. Personal items mean anything that the occupants of the vehicle are carrying and that are not attached to the vehicle. Unless they are attached to the vehicle, they are covered by homeowner's policies. Some insurance policies however provide coverage for GPS devices, even those that are not attached to the vehicle, provided they are meant to be used in a vehicle.

Online Purchase
The Internet has brought about many new changes in the process of purchasing automobile insurance, particularly in the United States of America. It has made the process of buying an automobile insurance easy and simple. People now prefer to get quotes of prices before they purchase an automobile insurance. They even buy insurance online. Among the benefits of buying insurance online, the most significant is that potential consumers are now able to compare various car insurance providers, coverage types and policies before buying, and select the one that suits them the most or has the best features or the lowest price. This makes for more consumer satisfaction, which in turn leads to better business.

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