Sunday, August 23, 2009

trying to be fit

Being a stay at home mom , i do my best in keeping myself in the best shape. Its not just for the kids , but for myself as well. I am so afraid of getting sick as I know it would be so hard for all of us when that happens. So everyday, I see to it that I have a good diet though I admit I eat junk once in a while. Exercise is one thing I lack , really . How I wish I can run for 3o mins or even just 15 mins a day. Lastly, I take supplements like Vitamin C and Multivitamins. I am s prone in catching colds so Vit C is a must for me. Lately, a freind of mine suggested that I try these Acai Berry Supplements, particularly the Acai Berry Energy Supplements . My friend knows that I have a busy schedule at home with the 2 kids so she wants me to try an energy supplement to keep me going the entire day. I hope it works for me, i badly need it now because my princess is getting all over the place. Anyone who tried this product already?

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