Sunday, August 23, 2009

Accounting firms in Vegas

I am so amazed on how my sister can do financial analysis and all that money stuff. Well, she is an accountant in a bank so i guess that explains why. I remember when she was still in college, she would go on heavy research and training for her craft. And now I am so proud with what she achieved in life at such a young age. She would like to conquer new heights and is thinking of moving to Las Vegas. She told me that there is a big market for acountants there and she would like to try her luck. She has given me well known firms like Las Vegas Quickbooks Accounting Firm , and she hopes she can apply there soon. She has read a lot of features about this firm and how they value their employees and clients as well. This is what she is looking for in her employer. I hope she will continue to soar high , whatever plans she has now.

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