Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Leaving LA?

I was doing my usual stuff here at home yesterday when my cousin from LA called me . You see , we only get to talk once in a few months because he is so busy now with his 2 jobs. He doesn't even go online so I rarely chat with him . Well , he called me to confirm that he will be here in November with his family in time for my little girl's birthday. I cant help but feel excited . He also told me that they are transferring to their new home soon . Its one they can really call their own , and its bigger than their space now. I thought they are leaving LA , but no, they will just transfer to another city . They love LA so they just can't leave their place. He told me that he was about to call a Moving Company , when he remembered me so he called. They badly need help with all the packing and moving process so he wants to try this moving company he saw at the newspaper. I told him it would be easier to check it online since he can also do an estimate on it's costing. If only he will use their laptop , hehehe.

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