Saturday, July 18, 2009

Landscaping ideas

When my mother in law had her place re modelled, me and my husband took part in most of the layout since we have a background with architecture. Aside from the rooms, I got really excited with the layout of the garden area. They have lots of plants and flowers that were re planted in identical pots for uniformity. Then we have decided to have a part of it landscaped since we had an extra in the budget. I was looking then for some tips and information about landscaping , and i got most of what we used from massachusetts landscaping . I have learned from there that a landscape shouldn't only fit ones property, but it should fit the family's personality and lifestyle too. Then there is the planning, designing and implementing stage. I was amazed with their website, no wonder, they have so many great testimonials from their clients.

The next time we are doing some landscape here at our house, I will definitely get their services. For the meantime, I printed the brochure that's avaialable at their website. They actually have some free consultation, and i will definitely avail of that once we are set for some landscaping here.

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