Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach bags

Our upcoming trip to the beach made me shop for a lot of things, and I mean , a lot ! Swimsuit for me and my girl, shorts for the dad, aqua shoes, and now , i am thinking of getting a beach bag. Yes, another bag. I actually have a tote that could pass as a beach bag, but I am giving myself an option to window shop first. And so I checked the beach bags at , and my eyes were delighted to see those beauties.

As a mom, with a baby and a toddler in tow at the beach , i need to be fully equipped with all my essentials the moment we leave our room. Bottle of milk, set of clothes, camera , robe for the baby , sunblock , cover up , etc. So a roomy tote bag is waht i really need so i dont need to go back to our room when we are enjoying the beach already. Look at what I found at the site:

I am torn between the two. I love both of the designs since I can easily dump my stuff inside. The prints are perfect for the beach too. Oh well, I can only get one so I must decide this early so the bag can make it in 3 weeks time. Wish me luck !

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Grampy said...

Love the one with that the girl is holding.