Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bathroom fixtures

Whenever we go to hotels or resorts, aside from looking at the bed itself, I see to it that I look at the bathroom thoroughly. Aside from its cleanliness, the bathroom fixtures matters to me too . I don;t know , but i think hotels and other establishments should invest in bathrooms too. Nowadays, there's a lot of nice fixtures on sale . I bet hotels are getting this at a lower price since it is in bulk order.

This whole idea of bathrooms is what i also like to have in our future home. One that is like what hotel has. Even the bathroom vanities counts . That's the reason why I always take pictures of nice bathrooms in hotels. It serves as my inspiration and reference too. I actually want a his and hers sink so our stuff won't go together too. One doesn't need to rush with what he's doing every morning. How i wish we can have steam units too in our own bathroom , but i think that would be too much. I saw this at the hotel's spa , and i felt relaxed after the steam bath session. I hope we will have our dream bathroom soon.

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