Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost there

How's your weekend everyone? Well, if you will ask me , we really had a blast since Saturday. We had parties and boy, we had a grand time seeing our families and friends again. Now its a Monday once again and its a start of a new week. I got busy catching up with emails . Aside from the usual that I receive from friends and from my party planner, I got a few insurance quotes in my inbox. You see, my husband asked me to look for some term life insurancefor our family so I checked a few websites and asked for a quote. If I have the time by tonight, I will check it one by one for comparison. I just can't jump into one without checking the others of course. I want a company who can give me the most out of my well earned money .

How about you, do you have one like this already? Care to share some information and pointers that I should put to consideration? I am a bit clueless with this, I base some of my information from what I am reading at websites and forums. Hopefully I can meet up an agent by next week so they can provide me with some data and figures. I can't let this stay in my schedule for a month so yeah, Im on a rush now.

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