Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shopping freak

I can't wait for December to arrive. Aside from Christmas , of course, we are awaiting goodies from my family. They shipped 2 balikbayan boxes, and both are filled with stuff for the little boy. From clothes, shoes, toys.. name it! My mom is so gaga with his first and only apo, would you believe that when they arrived last April, Joaqui has clothes of size 4T and 5T?? ! OA na! Like what my dad said, hanggang grade 3 , may susuot na sya LOL! They always joke about my mom's shopping finds, they have to remind her that Joaquin is just a year and a half! Hehehe!

Ricca got us those fab items from Coach. And tons of items for Joaquin again. Her craziness led her to this ..

Would you believe that my daddy even shipped coffeemate, nesquik, Hersheys syrup, and our ever favorite Yuban Columbian Coffee? Hahaha! Amerikang - Amerika ah! Love it still! Yuban is not avail here I guess. This is the first time that they are shipping out groceries, so good luck :)

And lastly, we have a few "kalakals" there. I will post the items as soon as it arrives. Syempre, timing sa mga Christmas Bonuses nyo.. LOL!


Mich said...

hi Peachy, I can totally relate, or my Mom that is! LOL! before I gave birth to alex (her first apo) naku, 3 balikbayan boxes ang dala from US. kakatawa diba? nasa tyan ko pa lang may damit up to 1yr old. :D

Peachy said...

hehehe so true mich.. ganyan yata talaga mga lola. mas excited pa :)