Friday, November 02, 2007

Question fromJenny

Here's one form Jenny time for the all souls/saints day...

How many cemeteries do you visit? Which cemeteries do you visit? And what do you usually bring?

** picture muna with Papa**

Yan, picture muna. That was yesterday at The Heaven's Gate Cemetery at Antipolo whre Gelo's dad rests in peace. He was cremated and lies in this columbary. This is the first Nov.1 for the family without Papa, so we make it a point to make it special. We only visited this one, and we plan to go my grandmother this weekend. I only have candles, mineral water and a few chips with me. Ang dami food sa cemetery, we even bought Zagu! LOL!

We ended the day by saying our prayers for Papa.

Thanks Jen :)


Jenny said...

Hi Peachy! Thanks for answering my question. :)

Kelly said...

isa ka pang sasakalin ko (yung isa si apols) dahil ang payat mo!!! :)

Peachy said...

thanks jen ..

kelly, flattered naman ako at nasabihan akong payat, actually palakpak nga tenga ko now, LOL. MAdaya lang damit ko, hindi halata tummy ko :) Ano ka ba, 98 lbs lang ako dati at 110 ngayon, so ano pa ako dati? ting ting? hahaha :)

Jen said...

hi peachy, i like your top :D. i'm not skinny enough to wear it but i just really, really like it :D