Monday, November 12, 2007

Party ulit.. later na ang opps

Ok, my PR dropped, only 2 opps for today and i felt a little dizziness this morning. Hindi na yata sya little, because literally, parang umiikot paligid ko. Hang over ba? Or was it because yesterday was a long, exciting and tiring day? Whatever the reason is.. I feel better now. And here I am talking about the party again.

So we all want another meet up huh? hehehe.. I do hope that other mommy bloggers there can join us next time. Naku, don't be shy :) Anyway, Here's a few of my ideas and observations na din from yesterday.. (as if naman naka pag observe pa ko talaga, LOL)

** Schedule the next meeting as early as today! LOL! OA na ! I know we are all busy, so January maybe a good choice.. lets start the year by seeing beautiful moms!

** I'm thinking na may theme tayo every meet up.. Like a coffee night.. or a videoke session... a potluck lunch or dinner (with our to die for recipes! Hala, ano naman kaya lutuin natin?)... anything you can think of now?

** one thing we forgot.. introduce the dads to everyone.. teka, tayo nga ding mommies.. kanya kanyang chikahan agad.. i totally forgot to introduce Gelo to all of you :) sensya na .

a few ideas that i can share for now.. let me knnow the next meet up, para makapgdala ulit ng kalakal! LOL!


Aggie said...

Naku Peachy ikaw na lang magorganize ng susunod...itaon mo na madami kang kalakal para simot agad! LOL

Jane said...

funny, may luto na na involve ha! sa house niyo? haha