Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Papaya Craze at Bela's birthday

i told you, he loves to dance !

These were taken last Saturday, during Bela's birthday. As soon as he heard the song, goodness! he went all the way to the center stage and danced with Lilo the Mascot. At first he was the only one dancing, then a few other kids joined in. He wasn't even shy at all.

* * he spotted a toy bubble.. ayan they became freinds **

** nice meeting you Danie ( Kitts' litle girl ) **

** after the Papaya dance number.. bagsak! **


Jenny said...

Hi! Bakit kayo walang picture? Were you in Hawaiian costume too? :)

Mich said...

naku mahilig pala itong little boy mo sa papaya dance. hehehe! he's so cute!! :)