Friday, November 09, 2007

Nap time.

I feel dizzy already with what i'm doing the entire day. It started out with a breakfast, then chat with my sis (yey! sya magbabayad ng ticket ni Joaqui sa Barney!) , then I checked on my mails, opps etc etc... I am also checking on my new site in between some intervals. My HS friend PM'd me beause she will pick up 2 tops after lunch here at home. Had lunch and as i get back at my table, it was my mom's turn to chat with us. Yes, I chat with my family everyday, sis ko muna then mom and dad ko naman :) With matching webcam pa. My friend arrived, had a small chit chat.. chat ulit kay mommy while i still check mails, opps .. chat with my SIL for MIL's party preps, chat with a few friends regarding their orders,, barney and more oppsss hahaha! The little boy is everywhere! Sampa dito, sampa don! Kalikot dito, kalikot dun.. Jusko.. kulnag talaga ang dalawa kong kamay! LOL... Now that he is asleep, I was able to post one for blogitive :) but i feel sleepy naman. I am supposed to get some stocks of the tops, but its raining hard! Haayy, i think its a sign, matulog muna daw ako, LOL.. o sya, il catch u all later :)

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