Saturday, November 10, 2007

Coin Collection

Last night, I decided to clean up some of my clutter here, and I was able to check out my wedding paraphernalia. All are in a box labeled as wedding materials, so I decided to give it a glimpse if everything is still in good condition. Everything was intact. Bible, garter, pillows, pillar candles, match boxes are well kept. What caught my attention were the coins we used. These coins are special because it is a part of my dad's collection. It's placed in a clear pouch and a pillow.

I remember how my dad is so fascinated with coins. He has coins from around the world. Mostly from places he's been to, and some are gifts from family and friends. I am actually thinking of giving him a rare gold coin that he can add to his collection. I know he would be delighted to own one since it is something really precious for him. I can request for some product pictures and write ups from the internet , and give them a call too. This would be an extra ordinary Christmas gift for him.

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