Sunday, November 04, 2007

blogging for daddy

9 opps...I told you.. see? Flooding na ba? LOL. I'm not complaining.. i'm lovin' it. And I think this is a lucky week for me, I was able to grab a $20 opportunity too. I am reaaaalllly enjoying it. I earn a good amount of money while staying at home and being with Joaquin the whole time.

I am a hardworking blogger coz I need to earn some more for next month. I am working to give the daddy his Christmas wish (and with that, I think my personal wish would have to wait again). I already calculated the expenses, and i don't think I'll have my item by december. So wait na naman ang drama ko. But it's okay, I feel that it's best for me to give than to receive for Christmas. Naksss! Honestly, kahit di Christmas, madami na gifts si Gelo, so I really can't ask for more. Having this laptop even though I didn't asked for it (and though there's no special occasion) is something big for me. He would even buy me clothes everytime he will pass by Festival Mall. I love it of course, salamat sa color coding every Thursday, he waits til 7 at Alabang. I'm telling you, he provides more than what I ask from him. Last time, he did shopping for the little boy. Clothes, ball, and bubbles made Joaquin jump for joy. Oh how I value those simple acts of love. I am a "babaw" person when it comes to pasalubongs or gifts. I guess it's the thought that we are remembered that counts.

So now, I am also giving something for him. I haven't worked longer than 5 months in my entire life, so I honestly don't have much money even when I was still single. This is really a time for me to be a giver. Yes, I am giving him his Christmas wish. From my blogging money, I might buy the item online (or during Thanksgiving sale, but I doubt if it will go on sale), have it shipped at my family's US address then have it shipped here. All for love talaga :) Yeeehhhheeeee!

So now, I hope you do understand why I blog to death.. this is something for the daddy this time. Oh you might notice, I don't have plans on buying anything for Joaqui? Why? I will tell you soon.. For the mean time, blog muna :)

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abie said...

sis, good luck...kayang kaya mo lang ng blog..