Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Birthday Planning .. Help!

We are organizing a surprise birthday party for my mother-in-law on Nov. 29 . We are really excited I'm telling you. It's just a simple party with my MIL's family, and her super close friends . So far, here is my checklist..

1. guestlist - done. total of 34 guests including us.

2. venue - inquired with Lamesa Grill at MOA. Will try to visit them on Friday for reservation.

3. theme / motiff - we might just have a color theme. We firsSt chose red, white and gold, but since it's just 5 months after my FIL died, we are deleting red in the group. any suggestions on what color would best match gold? My MIL is really not into something like music, arts etc etc so wala ako maisip na theme that really suits her.

4. give aways - none as of this moment. Most of our visitors are couples, so we might check something for the whole family. hmm ano kaya? No mini cakes, they are diabetics, so they might not appreciate it that much. please.. help me on this.

5. invites - yes! goodluck with my digiscrapping abilities LOL. If there's anyone of you who can do a layout for my MIL, i will be ssoooo thankful talaga! Mwah! Mwah !

6. program - nothing fancy, she is not into that. Oh, if it's my mom, i will go all out with the program coz she loves that! Hahaha! We will just have chikahan , dinner then cake cutting. If guests would love to give wishes, that would be great.

anything i forgot? please.. please.. i need your suggestions! Thanks in advance!

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